Using this site

This site is intended to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve added some features to make it a little easier to use for disabled users.

  1. Different ways of viewing the site. The icons at the top right hand corner of the page can be used to change the way the site is presented. The options available are designed for different common needs.
    1. : view the site at the default text size and colour settings.
    2. : view the site with larger text and low contrast colour settings.
    3. : view the site with much larger text and high contrast colour settings.
  2. Skip navigation. The skip to content link at the top of each page can be used to navigate directly to the content of the page. This will help anyone using the keyboard rather than a mouse to navigate, as well as helping those using screen readers to skip over repetitive elements.
  3. Access keys. Access keys help keyboard users by providing quick access to common site features.