Film and Digital Media

Film, Animation and Digital Media

Wolf + Water made their first film back in 1994 with steam driven cameras. Since that time, what would take us months to create technically, most people can now do on their own computers in their own bedrooms very quickly and effectively.

It’s a wonderful medium to work in – encouraging creativity, patience and excitement – and a really useful way of telling often complicated stories.

Over the years we have also really blended film making into our theatre performances, which has become a bit of a company trade mark.

Some past projects include….

The Work Place Project – North Devon 2011

Brought together members of our Many Directions group to explore the world of work & meaningful activity for people with learning difficulties.

Over a two week period using arts work & digital stills we created a short film looking at these issues.


Part of Us Forever – 2003

An hour long film made with teenagers who have or have had cancer & leukemia & who wanted to create a film about their experiences that might help other young people in a similar position. Covering all aspects of the illness, from diagnosis, through treatment, through the effects on family & personal lives & through to recovery…or sometimes death – & reflecting on how the experience has changed them profoundly.

It is a funny, entertaining & touching film that is available from our online shop & is being used nationwide. So, come & meet Cancer the Clown (who only young people with cancer can see), find out what happens when your vomit goes radioactive, how many people you can stand asking you how you are before you resort to violence & sample the delights of Radiotherapy FM…

Copies are available on DVD


“The VP Team” Film & Workshop Program- North Devon, UK 2003

We were invited by a group of adults with learning difficulties to come & help them make a film about the government’s “Valuing People” white paper, the document which set out how people with learning difficulties should be treated by the services that serve them & society in general.

The obvious danger from the outset was that making a video about a government white paper ran the risk of being as exciting as making a film about paint drying…that is until one of the group suggested we do it in the style of the 80’s action series “The A Team”…& thus the “VP Team”… featuring Choice, Ms Independence, Ms Inclusion & the mysterious Captain Consequence…was born.

Having escaped from “Grimstone Maximum Security Centre for the Mentally Retarded” our heroes live on the edges of society, helping other people with learning difficulties in need…

Over six months we devised a series of episodes around issues pertinent to the group – relationships, person centred planning, personal safety, health & independent living, & then spent a hectic two weeks filming in health centres, police stations, graveyards & best of all, pubs.

Congratulations to you and the team for the film – it was fabulous. The film and the atmosphere it generated kept a smile on my face for days – in fact i’m still smiling now. The acting throughout the film was just superb: and I now want to know why the BBC haven’t bought the whole series – and i mean that. Well done Wolf + Water
Fascinating … very witty, to the point, excellent ‘process’, all local production ….great!