Core Artists and Collaborators

Wolf + Water are – and have always have been – a diverse bunch. A bit like a family, or a jazz band. Various people come and work on various projects at various times – while at other times, going and working with their own practice or working with other organisations. For some people, Wolf + Water are the bulk of their work. Others might just come and contribute to one or two projects a year.

In this way we are never a static group, but a talented bunch of people dedicated to the Wolf ethic, and always adventuring to learn new things. So the list below doesn’t cover everyone you might meet in a Wolf + Water project – but a few of the people that you’re fairly likely to run into at one time or another!

PH1Peter Harris
Is one of the founding members & artistic director of Wolf + Water.

Training at Worcester Arts Workshop, he went onto head Beaford Arts Common Sense Project developing arts projects with excluded groups across North Devon for several years, from which Wolf + Water was born.

In the UK he has worked as a director, writer, drama facilitator with a bewildering array of groups – from people with learning disabilities in Devon, to patients in Broadmoor Hospital, working with paramilitaries & community groups in Northern Ireland to children with life threatening conditions from across the South West.

Internationally he has worked on a variety of long term projects addressing conflict resolution, community development & disability issues across Scandinavia, South East Asia, South America, the Balkans & the Middle East.

These days, dividing his time between North Devon & Oslo, he is often spinning far too many plates & spending far too much time writing funding applications.

TonyWalker-600x400Tony Walker is an artist and digital producer, and has worked with Wolf + Water for over 15 years. Tony has recently been working on many of the Arts Wave Devon projects across the county.

He works with individuals and community groups of all ages and abilities providing knowledge, equipment and training to enable participants to create all aspects of moving image in a variety of projects. These have included filmmaking, theatrical projection, VJing, online viral video, website design, animation and facilitating media groups, and have also included a range of 2D & 3D arts workshops.

Tony has experience of working with young people with challenging behaviour, adults with learning disabilities, people with physical disabilities, schools, vulnerable and homeless people, youth and community groups.

Tony was presented with a Digital Heroes Award at the House of Lords for his work in this field.

oddiMy name is Oddbjørn Austevik and I’ve been involved with the wolves for a couple of years.

I mainly do technical stuff, like editing, filming and making sure that the shows goes as planned (the technical bits, not the important stuff).

I also serve as a hotel now and again when the english members decide to pop over.

I work as a musician and photographer / editor outside Wolf + Water and I am residing in Norway.


Portrett BEBerit Eik is a theatre director and drama facilitator from Norway. She hold a BA degree in Drama and Theatre from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, and a postgraduate program of Teachers Training in Drama and Theatre from the same institution. In Buenos Aires she earned a second BA degree in Directing for Stage from the National University of Arts.

She has a special interest in puppet and object theatre, merging elements from the visual arts, multimedia and theatre in cross-over productions. Since 2009 she has been a company member of Wolf and Water Arts Company, working mainly in Norway, but also England and Iraq.

She has been involved in a variety of drama and applied theatre projects with diverse groups, and have assisted on numerous training workshops in conflict management and intercultural communication.

FlipPhilip Robinson is a professional freelance community music practitioner, educator and musician/composer/sound artist. Since 1987 he has been working inclusively in various healthcare and social settings: with people with learning or physical disabilities, sensory impaired, autism, socially excluded, marginalized or people within the criminal justice system, and the neurological and mental health sectors. He works creatively and therapeutically on music/sound/performing arts/mixed media projects in and with rural, urban, and inner-city communities; within Devon and the South West region, nationwide and within Europe, Scandinavia and the US.

H Web ImageHelen Venn is dance artist and choreographer and has worked for Wolf and Water for 10 years.

With over 15 years experience of movement and dance as a facilitator and performer and a lifetimes experience of just needing to move and dance, Helen’s key areas of interest include working creatively with community groups, dance for health and wellbeing and somatic practices.

She has experience of working with young people, children and adults with physical and/or learning disabilities, people with mental health issues and older adults (including those with dementia).

Helen also delivers creative dance in education and teaches Pilates.