Theatre Performance

Many of our projects over the years have resulted in theatrical performance.

These aren’t just about drama and acting, although obviously that can be a big part it.

Performances also allow us to work with groups through all the art forms we work through: groups might create music and sound, either live or recorded to be the sonic back drop. We might use visual art, projections or film that participants have created as the visual backdrop or set. Groups might be involved in helping create props and costumes. Music and dance might also be part of a performance.

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Performance allows wide possibilities for participation. Sometimes group members might be unable to be on stage themselves – through frailty, disability, or quite simply that they don’t want to. Yet their work and contribution to the wider project that the show is a culmination of can still be celebrated and showcased through the set, film or music.

Performance in itself can provide an impetus and focus to the wider project process. Being on stage in front of an expectant audience is very empowering and confidence building. Our job, with our experience is to show of the talents and skills of our groups to the best of our ability.

This allows audiences to perhaps see the performers in a new light, and allows performers to show their talents and skills.

Sometimes shows are also about “giving voice” to groups in the performance – allowing them to both depict the struggles and challenges they face, as well as the skills and abilities they use to cope.

Whether that is working with young people on a Belfast Estate talking to their local community about how they feel they are perceived, or a group of young people leaving care performing to Social Workers, theatre can raise awareness, understanding and can generate debate.

Wolf + Water have produced many topic performances for conferences and events, both with the groups we work with, and as a company in our own right.



Some Examples of Our Performance Work

Fire and Water an Arts Wave Devon project in Torrington 

Saints & Springs – Wells & Wishes

wells1Was an integrated multi arts project between Great Torrington School and people with learning disabilities.

Peter Harris delivered a week of exciting drama, movement & music sessions bringing together year 11 pupils from Great Torrington School and local adults with learning difficulties who spent the week diving into the theme of springs, wells & sacred shrines in Torrington & North Devon and worked together to create a strange magic world where anything might happen,

Answering such questions as “what are they about then?” “can wishes really come true?” & “how did St Nectan manage to run all around North Devon for that length of time even though his head cut off?”.

The enchanting performance was performed at the Plough Arts Centre as part of the grand finale of arts wave Torrington ‘Fire and Water’.


The FK Retrospective – Oslo, Norway 2009

Fredskorpset is an arm of the Norwegian government’s Department for Foreign Affairs who we have been proud to work with on their program of international development for nearly 20 years now.

In 2009 we were commissioned to create a bespoke performance with past FK participants on the theatre boat Innvik to celebrate the organisations anniversary using performance, music & dance.


A Midsummer Nights’ Dream 2012

A re working of Shakespeare’s classic set in the trenches of World War One with our Many Directions group of adults with learning difficulties.

Throughout this 8 month project we explored together the complexity of human relationships, & how “love can become like a battlefield”.

“Others” – Plymouth Drum Theatre, Devon, UK 2002 – 2003

A project working with Refugee First and Refugee Action, bringing together refugees living in Plymouth and young disaffected people from the city to share experiences, frustrations (sometimes which each other) and to devise a public performance.

With the refugee group being drawn from Bosnia, Iran, Russian and Macedonia, we explored the notion of being an outsider, an “other”, and how that related to the experiences of the disaffected young locals.

By time we reached our sell out performances both groups had learned a lot from each other, and worked together brilliantly to deliver two excellent shows, both which ended in standing ovations.

The whole process of the project was documented by both BBC Radio and television.

Excellent, revealing upsetting and wonderful

That was really very powerful indeed – excellent


European Conference on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution – Belfast, 1999

Over the years we have also provided various conferences with bespoke performances that aim to sum up and encapsulate the issues that are to be / have been discussed. This has included work for Mediation UK, Harvard University, Oslo University, Tromso University…and many others.

We were proud to be asked to be part of this conference, which, as the implications of the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement emerged, at the same time as the Balkans War was developing, turned out to be one of our most challenging jobs ever.