Wolf + Water use drama with all the types of user groups we work with as “a rehearsal for life”.

Through role play we can work with people to explore situations that might be a challenge for them in real life – a person with anxiety going into a shop, or an ex-drug user finding himself suddenly being offered narcotics – and in a safe group setting, explore different responses and strategies that they might use to deal with those situations.

Drama gives groups “the time and space” that we don’t always have in real time life to rewind, try out different approaches and responses, building their range of options and choices.

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In a wider context, drama also can allow participants to explore the various roles they play in their lives – a part, a worker, a partner etc – and how these can conflict or co-exist.

As a group process, drama can also be immensely fun! We’re very experienced in working with people who “hate role play” or “can’t act”! It’s very process can build confidence, presentation and communication skills.


Some Examples of Our Drama Work

Many Directions Drama Group

For many years we’ve run series of regular weekly drama sessions with adults with physical and learning disabilities from across North Devon.

Some of our participants have more complex needs, some being non verbal, so sessions are as multi-sensory as possible, utilising all manner of props, costumes, smells and sounds to make the work accessible & enjoyable for all.


FK Exchange Program Inter Cultural awareness programs – Norway, Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, Thailand – 2001 – Present

FK is a Norwegian Government project that seeks to promote development and cross cultural understanding through a program of professional exchanges between Norwegians and their counterparts from Africa, South America and South East Asia. Professions represented can include engineers, doctors, environmental and agricultural project workers.

Before their exchange, each group of participants are brought together for a two week briefing on a Preparatory Course. On this Wolf + Water deliver the “Inter Cultural Challenges” training, using drama and other participatory methods with participants to explore the psychological and practical impacts of leaving ones own culture and arriving in another.

The training is both in the psychology of culture shock, but also uses role play to  enable participants practice facing their biggest personal challenges.